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The next 10 years: 8 tech trends you need to be ready for

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The next 10 years: 8 tech trends you need to be ready for


Today, instead of looking at the next 12 months, we’re thinking about what's coming up over the next decade – especially when it comes to technology.

The pace of change in tech has always been blistering. And according to many experts, we’re going to experience more technological progress in the next 10 years than we did in the previous 100.

Ask yourself:

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  • Will you keep up?
  • Will you choose the right tech for your company to flourish?
  • Will it be damaging if you don’t adopt the right tech at the right time?
  • Or could this be the opportunity of a lifetime?

The real challenge is knowing which changes will be most beneficial for your business.

Our guide provides the lowdown on 8 technologies that are getting the most interest and attention from investors and tech thinkers right now.

These are the emerging technologies that you’re most likely to encounter in your business at some stage – and they look set to change the landscape of the workplace over the coming decade.

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