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Getting to grips with email security

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Getting to grips with email security



Everyone in the company gets an email at 6am. It comes from the head of IT and instructs everyone to follow a link to install an update.

Some people don’t spot that the head of IT’s name is spelt slightly wrong – a simple spoofing technique straight out of the cyber crime textbook.

By 9am people start losing access to their files. They’ve been encrypted. The link installed ransomware that’s making its way through the network. Customer data, employee information and other vital files are skimmed, ready to be sold on the dark web. The criminals demand £75,000 to release the data back to the company.

The company tries for more than a week to remove the ransomware, but eventually they give in and pay the money. It takes another two days to get the decryption key, and when they open their files, half of the data is corrupt.

This happens a lot.

Owners of small and medium-sized businesses often make the mistake of thinking that they aren’t on the criminals’ radar. In reality, more than 40% of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses – precisely because they often don’t take the same security precautions that larger companies do, and they’re more likely to pay a ransom.

So it’s vital that smaller businesses take email security seriously – because the cost of a cyber attack can’t just be measured in financial terms. It comes with a loss of productivity and loss of customer trust.

Research by Deloitte found that 91% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email (an email that looks like it’s from someone you know, but is actually from criminals).

That’s how web giant Yahoo was targeted a few years ago, exposing the contents of half a billion user accounts to criminals. And though we often only hear about these high-profile cases, small and medium-sized businesses are prime targets for these attacks.

Your business email needs to be as secure as it can possibly be and our guide can help you achieve that.

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